All the silver items are made of 100% recycled sterling silver. 
All our gold items are 100% recycled sterling silver plated with either 14 or 18K gold.

As it’s certainly understandable to wear your Oak & Merchant Jewellery all the time and get carried away, we recommend removing when doing any of the following activities excessively or at least limiting:

  • when showering, swimming and exercising and sporting activities.
  • avoid interaction with harsh chemicals found in pools, spas and cleaning products.
  • in the gym - be careful when gripping dumbbells, barbells or machinery as it may cause scratches

Unfortunately, the sad truth is no matter how careful we are with our beloved pieces, they are made to be worn and when worn things happen and it is completely normal for some scratches to appear over your item's lifetime.

Last little note: it’s completely natural for sterling silver by exposure to air to oxidize and become black over time. To keep your pieces in optimal condition for as long as possible we recommend;

  • cleaning your items regularly with a jewellery cloth 
  • and storing your jewellery best air sealed and not in direct sunlight.